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22 Miles for TFMR - Mile 4 - Poppy

Mile 4 of the Channel Challenge is dedicated to the beautiful Poppy Laura.

This is Poppy's story told by his lovely mummy:

Rewind to bonfire night last year where I was admitted to MCU for hyperemesis gravidarum, I remember the midwife saying to me "sickness is a good sign of a healthy pregnancy and you've reached 12 weeks so everything is looking really positive for you and your baby".
8 weeks later, my sheer joy came crashing down around me after I'd had my anomaly scans. "Laura, I'm sorry to tell you this but your baby girl's brain hasn't formed properly at all. It's worse than we thought. You have two options......" uttered the midwife in the fetal medical unit. 
Often we think that deciding what to have for tea is a hard enough decision to make, but to choose when your baby dies is something I wouldn't wish on anyone. 
My beautiful Poppy was never destined to have a life that she could live with fulfilment and purpose. She would of existed showing no signs of conscious awareness or been able to respond to what was happening around her.
Poppy had Nodular Heterotopia, complete Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum, Multiple Vertebral Segmentation, Thick Gyri on both Frontal Cerebral Cortices...basically her little brain hadn't developed at all. 
She was having seizures whilst she was inside me and with every one she had, it caused more damage to an already very fragile brain. 
On Monday 21st January 2019 at 16:13, my baby girl's heart stopped as a result of a lethal injection.
I couldn't let her suffer anymore. She's my baby and as her Mum I had to protect her. I had to protect my baby.
I was induced on Wednesday 23rd January and at 18:45 the same day, I delivered my sleeping angel.
I held her, and covered her in kisses. And told her that we love her.
During the 24 weeks I was pregnant with Poppy, and even now in death, she shows me what unconditional love feels like, she reminds me how strong I am (despite some days where I don't feel it), she has taught me to acknowledge my sorrow and lastly, she has made me realise how truly precious life is. 
Poppy Laura, my beautiful baby girl, I love you so very much, forever and always.


I'm honoured and touched to be able to share the stories of so many loved and missed babies. If you'd like to dedicate a mile of this swim and tell your own baby's story, please do get in touch.

You can sponsor the challenge here https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/TLBFCo.

If you have found yourself in a similar situation and would like some support the ARC website is here https://www.arc-uk.org/